HF Cow
HF Cow becomes the highly profitable livestock to the dairy farms, due to its excellent milk production capacity. It has the ability to stand in adverse environments. It gives 15-25 kg milk daily.
Murrah Buffalo
Murrah buffalo can thrive on any crop and able to give 8-16 kg milk daily. Its milk is beneficial for your health as it contains an essential amount of fat.
Sahiwal Cow
Sahiwal Cow is popular for its high milk production and draught potential. This breed has excellent heat & bloat tolerance ability. Further it has good temperament and resistance to ticks & parasites.
Tharparkar Cow
Tharparkar cow is known for its milking as well as heat tolerance potential. This cattle can survive in extreme environmental or climatic conditions. Further it is resistant to various diseases.
Jersey Cow
Jersey Cows are acknowledged for their high milk production rate. These are capable of producing maximum 25 liter of fat based milk that can be used for producing butter. These animals can endure different climactic conditions.
Kankrej Cow
Kankrej Cows can produce up to 12 liter of milk in every day. These have maximum 1800 kg weight and have well built structure. This breed of cows has been named after Kankrej of Gujarat.

Kankrej Bull
Kankrej Bulls are required to plough agricultural land. These have been named after a region in Gujarat from where these are originally found. These have half moon shaped strong and thick horns.

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