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About Gokul Dairy Farm

For more than 15 years, we, Gokul Dairy Farm have been at the leading position in our industry. We would like to introduce ourselves as a prominent producer and trader of domestic cows and buffaloes such as Murrah Buffalo Breed, HF Dairy Cow, Desi Sahiwal Cow, American Jersey Cow, etc. At our farm, these are kept under special care by our experts who make sure that the cattle is not uncomfortable in any way. We keep our eyes wide open to ensure the animals are healthy and active before delivering them to clients. As a reliable trader, our duty is to serve customers with the best as they have invested their time and money on us. Our company has a great reputation in the domain which is created by tremendous hard work of our team. Today, we are considered as an ideal by new & emerging companies and a great competition by the other experienced contenders.
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Our Huge Farm of Cattle and other facilities

Our set up is based across a large area where our cattle such as Indian Murrah Buffalo, Haryana Cow, etc. are kept safely. The benefit of great space is highly enjoyed by cattle as they feel highly comfortable there. Our employees provide them with food at regular intervals. We take complete care of the health of cattle so they are active and happy before being sent to the clients. We are planning to increase the area for the comfort of oru cattle and also because we are planning to add more varieties in our farm.
Most Popular Products
We would like to give our introduction as a prominent trader of domestic cows and buffaloes such as Sahiwal Farm,
Sahiwal Cattle, Sahiwal Heifer, Sahiwal Dairy Cow, Indian Hf Cow, Dairy Murrah Buffalo etc.
HF Breed Cow
We have marked a distinct position in the domain by offering HF Breed Cow. This cow can be easily and quickly recognized by it's distinctive color markings and outstanding milk production.
Indian Murrah Buffalo
It is the most preferred choice of many dairy farmers in Indian dairy farm business. We have carved a niche in the market as a prime organization engaged in offering Indian Murrah Buffalo.
Sahiwal Cow
Indian Sahiwal Cow originally belongs to the Montgomery tract now in Pakistan. Basically it is a dual purpose breed, such as for draft power and milk production. On a comparative basis this cow yields of over 3000 kgs milk in a standard lactation on 305 days.
High Yeild Tharparkar Cow
This cow is of the lyrehorned type of zebu cattle. We are glad to present ourselves as one of the organizations engaged in offering High Yeild Tharparkar Cow. In India and in many other Asian countries, it is used for milk production and as draft animal.
About Us

Customer Satisfaction

We make our clients feel special as they are our very first priority. After understanding their expectations and requirements we provide them with healthy cattle such as Indian Murrah Buffalo, Haryana Cow, etc. at reasonable prices. Payments from them are accepted through online and offline options such as cheque, DD, net banking, credit card, debit card etc. We always strive to find new ways to make them comfortable as well as to improve our services. Giving our 100% every time, they contact us and make us their very first choice as a trading partner.
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